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  • Isabel del Moral Rexach
  • Isabel del Moral Rexach

Immunology against PRRS virus

  • 1. Immunity against PRRS virus   

  • 2. Immune dysregulation by PRRS virus   

  • 3. Innate immune response against PRRS virus   

  • 4. Adaptive immune response against PRRS virus   

  • 5. Why NAs does not develop as strongly and early as non-neutralising antibodies?   

  • 6. Why development of cell-mediated immunity against PRRS virus is slow and weak?   

  • 7. What is the role of neutralising antibodies (NAs) and cell-mediated immunity in viral clearance and in protection?   

  • 8. Can we predict the protection that a given field strain or vaccine will afford against another given strain? Can we use sequences of the strains to predict the level of protection among them?   

  • 9. So… are PRRS virus vaccines useful?   

  • 10. References   

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